Making Memories with Mickey by Christina Moore

No waiting in lines for us!

October 9, 2012 / by moore523

I recently asked my daughter, “what is your favorite thing about Walt Disney World?”.   I was positive her response would be the rides, so I was a bit surprised that her answer was “eating with the characters”!  Dining with characters is definitely something my family enjoys!  There are 13 different character meals–and my family and I proudly boast that we have covered 11 in the last 2 years!  We love the experience you have when dining with characters!

So, what’s so great about Character Dining?  For me, there are a few different things…

For the planner in me, I love that we can pretty much eliminate waiting in the lines for characters in the park.  If we are scheduled to see them during a dining experience, we do not wait in line in the parks. I figure, you have to eat anyway–so why not combine it with something that will save us time in the parks AND makes my kids uber happy! I LOVE that aspect of it.   Another great thing for the planner in me is I love to schedule character meals for breakfast in the parks BEFORE the park opens!  So, for example, if the park opens at 9am, we shoot for an 8am reservation.  It gets us in the park before there are any crowds!  I have some amazing pictures of my family with out a single person behind them!  It’s like we own the park!

Hollywood and Vine Breakfast Reservation!

Not a person in sight!

For the mom in me, I love watching my kids interact with the characters!  My 5 year old daughter loves getting hugs and their autographs.  My 2 year old son, thankfully, is not scared by them at all.  He is in complete awe.  Our vacation pictures crack me up because I have very few pictures of him looking at the camera.  He’s always has his big grin, just staring up at them.  It’s a priceless memory!

Picture with Donald Duck at Chef Mickey!

My sweet kiddos, notice my little man–in awe, every picture!

And don’t be fooled!  Character meals aren’t just for kids!  Minnie requested a picture with my husband and I think his face says it all!

Mason and Minnie having a little moment!

Looks like all smiles to me!

In the end, I am just a firm believer that character meals offer some wonderful memories to your Disney vacation!  After all, if it’s a 5 year olds favorite part of Walt Disney World–it’s worth seeing, right?

6 thoughts on “No waiting in lines for us!

  1. We love character meals and still plan at least 1 on our trips, even though my “kids” are 15 & 20 now! Some of our best memories were made at our character meals.

    • moore523 says:

      Robin, as a mom of children that I feel like are growing way too fast, it’s nice to know some things never change!

      • Yes they do grow too fast! But I love that when we go to Disney, no matter how big they get, they are little kids again (at least at heart), but aren’t we all. That’s the “magic” of Disney! and why I love it.

  2. We love character meals. I always get happy teary when the kids faces just light up when the characters get up close to them and surprise them while they eat. We love eating at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh. An every year stop for us!

  3. Love the meals too, great food and we get to see the characters! My kids were more responsive to them in that environment.

  4. Kelly Hudler says:

    I totally Agree! Character dining is multitasking at its best!

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