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Sssh, don’t tell your children, learning will take place on this vacation!

October 17, 2012 / by moore523

As a travel consultant that specializes in family travel, I try to keep up with the news and trends in this area.

Recently, the US Travel Association reported that there was a growing trend in vacations that also involve learning.   If this is a type of vacation that appeals to you, the great news is there are so many different vacation options- museums, reenactments, historical routs and cultural experiences!  They are all great ways for the entire family to learn through interaction.  And all the while, making meaningful memories together.

Another great option for a vacation that involves learning is any trip that involves a guide.  An expert that travels along with you and is able to share and explain all along the way is a great experience for everyone!  A wonderful example of this type of tour is Adventures by Disney!  Here is an excerpt direct from Adventures by Disney and the wonderful aspects of having a tour guide along with you!

To really know a place, you need to be immersed in its stories and legends. And when it comes to living out tales – true or mythical – there are no better storytellers than your Adventure Guides.  Wherever you go and whatever you do – whether it’s trying your hand at the age-old Greek traditions of cheese making or biking around the grounds of a historic French chateau – your Adventure Guides are there to share their knowledge, insights and passion for the places you visit.
From the moment you first meet your Adventure Guides, you know that you’re in good hands.  As the hosts of your trip, your Guides make you feel right at home – wherever you go.  But more than the personal attention they provide, you’ll appreciate your Guides’ ability to bring you closer to the destinations you visit with their knowledge and knack for storytelling.  By the end of your vacation, you’ll feel like they’ve become part of your family.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?  As I said, this experience isn’t just for children!  It’s for adults, as well!  What an amazing way to learn with memories that will certainly last a lifetime!   So while a vacation that involves learning may not sound like a lot of fun, it has certainly been shown that it can be just as wonderful as any other vacation!

One thought on “Sssh, don’t tell your children, learning will take place on this vacation!

  1. My kids have made many of our Disney trips “learning experiences”, they have written reports on World Showcase Pavilions, Body Wars (when it use to be open) and Walt Disney himself, and gathered all of the report info and facts while in WDW. I can only imagine the wonderful things they could learn on and Adventures by Disney vacation!

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