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A review of Walt Disney World Cocktails

October 23, 2012 / by moore523

When you think of a Disney vacation, often people don’t think you are going there for a killer drink!  But, a nice evening out as a couple or perhaps with friends can be a welcomed change of pace.  And while there are lots of places you can go that would be a wonderful time, here are a few of my favorites!

Happy Couple!

My husband and I enjoying our time in Downtown Disney–A great place for a couples evening!

#1 Tambu Lounge, located in the Polynesian Resort.  The bartenders here are a lot of fun and while it is a small bar, the atmosphere is lively and energetic!  And if you want, you can even grab a drink and then go sit out on the beach and watch the fireworks!  My favorite drink is the signature Lapu Lapu!  This is a rum and fruit juice drink served in a carved out pineapple.  Word of warning:  if you have a low tolerance, like myself, perhaps ask for an extra shot of juice!  Or, enjoy your time there and order any one of their tasty appetizers! 

Yummy Cocktail

Enjoy a yummy cocktail on the beach watching the fireworks–what a memorable date night!

 #2 My next favorite isn’t actually a bar or lounge, but the drink is so good, you can’t pass it up!  There is a little outdoor kiosk in the France Pavilion of Epcot that serves slushies for adults and believe me, this isn’t a slushie you want to pass up!  They feature a Grand Marnier Orange Slush and a Grey Goose Citron slush—and while they are both good—the Orange Slush is my absolute favorite!  Grab a bench or a little bistro table, take in the view and the people passing by, and rest those weary feet from all the walking.  Trust me, you won’t regret this stop!

A refreshing beverage to enjoy while taking a rest and enjoying everything the France Pavilion in Epcot has to offer!

 #3 My last favorite is Raglan Road, located in Downtown Disney.  I have to share that I chose this restaurant because I’m a wonderful wife!  My husband is a bit of a beer connoissuer. If it has a weird name or if you haven’t ever heard of it, he wants to try it!  So this place is perfect for him!  But, it also has a wonderful cocktail menu, too!  For me, I prefer the Very Berry Blueberry Martini!  There isn’t a strong alcohol taste, which I like! It has a very lively atmosphere and it can get pretty loud—so if you’re looking for something relaxing and laid back, this may not be the place for you.  But, we enjoy the hustle and bustle! 

If you’re a lightweight like me, you may enjoy this fruity cocktail!

 I also have an honorable mention that isn’t really an evening hang out place, but the cocktail is so tasty, I had to share it!  One of our favorite breakfast spots at Walt Disney World is Kona, located in Disney’s Polynesian Resort.  If you’ve ever dined there before, you may be familiar with their amazing juice, which is a blend of Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava.  They call it Lilikoi.  It is so yummy and here’s a little secret…  They do not offer Lilikoi mimosas, but if you ask for one, they’ll make it for you!   It’s refreshing and a wonderful way to start your morning!! 

A yummy secret available at Disney’s Polynesian Resort restaurant, Kona

While our Disney vacations are mainly focused around family time and the kiddos, it’s nice to take a little time for the adults every once in a while, too!  If you decide to have a little adult time, check out one of these recommendations, you’ll definitely enjoy it! 

6 thoughts on “A review of Walt Disney World Cocktails

  1. I’ve had the Grand Marnier Orange Slush, and you’re right – it is a MUST STOP for me! LOL! Now to try the new frozen beer in Japan!

  2. Rhian says:

    I want to try that Grand Mariner Orange Slush! I had no idea that you could get that in Epcot – thanks for the tip!

  3. Lori says:

    I have to say that while the Grand Marnier slush is good, I actually like the Grey Goose Citron Lemon Slush from that same stand just a *little* bit better! I am going to add a couple of these other options to my “to do list” for my trip in December!

  4. These all sound yummy. Will have to remember to grab a cocktail at the Tambu Lounge next time we are at Poly to take on the beach with us while watching the fireworks. Do you know if they have anything using Dole Whip? I love the Dole Whip Floats and have always joked that it just needs a little “shot” of something and it would be even more perfect :0)

  5. Amy Kirby says:

    The Grand Marnier slush is to die for!! I always try to get one in Epcot. One other place to get great cocktails is on the Disney cruise ships! They make the best mojito I’ve ever had!

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